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The Emperor’s Crown- possibly the best hostel in Perth

15 signs you’ve been living in a hostel for too long

15 signs you’ve been living in a hostel for too long….

Working for Accommodation- The Truth..a backpackers guide

When you’re travelling one of your biggest expenses, if not your biggest, will be your accommodation…

Most backpackers chose to stay in Hostels, partly because it’s one of the cheaper options but also for the social aspect and party atmosphere that can often be found there. This being said, even staying in hostels will soon add up and eat away at your budget.

Hostel or Notsel?

Where should I stay when backpacking?

In days gone by, this was not too much of a quandry for backpackers around the globe. Budget travel needs, by definition, budget accommodation and up until the last decade the main types of accommodation favoured by many backpackers have been campsites, caravans/campervans and of course, good old youth hostels.