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How much money do I need, to Backpack Australia?

One question I get asked by friends and family all of the time is, “Is it expensive to live in Australia?”

10 travel gadgets & accessories for backpackers

Working for Accommodation- The Truth..a backpackers guide

When you’re travelling one of your biggest expenses, if not your biggest, will be your accommodation…

Most backpackers chose to stay in Hostels, partly because it’s one of the cheaper options but also for the social aspect and party atmosphere that can often be found there. This being said, even staying in hostels will soon add up and eat away at your budget.

How to set up an Australian Bank Account- a backpacker’s guide

Are you off travelling to the land down under?

Most likely you’ve been working your backside off before you go, trying to save as much as possible to put towards your awesome adventure. I certainly have. And you know what? When I work hard for my money the last thing I plan on doing is giving it away….

5 ways to organise your finances on a Working Holiday Visa

So you’re off to the land down-under on a Working Holiday Visa (WHV). You have your visa, your flights, travel insurance and may have even booked your first few days accommodation, well that’s everything sorted then isn’t it?