Govinda’s Hare Krishna Restaurant- Perth (Australia)

Whilst staying in Perth I stumbled across an absolute gem for backpacker dining…



Govinda’s is a Hare Krishna Restaurant that offers tasty, hearty meals for a very budget price. Located in the centre of Perth  the restaurant is open 11.30pm- 7pm everyday except Sundays.

So without further ado, I will let Francis give you his verdict.

thingFor an all you can eat meal of extremely generous portions, and a Lassi drink, we paid $10 (£5). That is an absolute bargain if you ask me! I have heard through the Grapevine that it has now gone up to $12 due to increased overheads, but I still believe this is very cheap for what you get. If you go in the evenings you can also get a $5 takeaway container (may have increased since writing), which is packed full of healthy, awesome karmic, deliciousness. Very backpacker budget friendly.

value for money

You do get an extremely large portion with the all you can eat option, which also includes dessert. The portions are so large in fact, that we only just finished our meal and had to decline the nice Hare Krishna man when he offered us dessert. Francis wanted to give a 4 1/2 star rating here, but couldn’t as he hasn’t got a half star. The reason Govinda’s doesn’t get a full 5 stars on value for money, is because the flavours aren’t quite what you hope they will be. After paying extra for a Pakora, I wished I hadn’t, as it was a little bland.

An average meal at Govinda's in Perth

Deliciousness rating

Only 3 stars from Francis here I’m afraid. Gourmet, Govinda’s is not. Whilst you will get a hearty, filling, tasty meal, (without the washing up), do not expect any flavour explosions or taste sensations. In all honesty, I have had Indian food that packs in a lot more flavour and punch than what we were served at Govinda’s. This being said, I did enjoy my meal and I enjoyed it even more, for knowing that it had been cooked with love.

2 location

Govinda’s is in an excellent location, on William Street. Extremely central to the Train Station, hostels and many bars, pubs and clubs. Francis gives 5 stars for this one.



Personally, I loved the atmosphere at Govinda’s .There is a small seating area with tables and chairs, which are fairly closely packed together. The walls have quotes and pictures all over them and there is a soft chanting music in the background. It has an extremely cosy and loving vibe to it, but I appreciate not everyone enjoys listening to chanting whilst eating their dinner. If you are someone that feels uncomfortable with this sort of thing, I suggest maybe going for the takeaway option!

customer service


Govinda’s is rustic and real (metal trays/plates and no table service) but the man who was serving the food the day we were there, was extremely helpful, courteous and friendly. He explained that we could come back for more if we were still hungry and seemed almost offended that we couldn’t manage our dessert. He even offered us a takeaway container for them!

vegetarian friendly

Due to it being Hare Krishna, the meals are all Vegetarian and often there is a lot that is suitable for Vegans too. I feel like I need to make it clear that NO MEAT at all is served, so if you go looking for a chicken curry, you will be sorely disappointed.

Anywhere that is Veggie and Vegan friendly, will always get bonus points with Francis and I!


If you are looking for a  backpacker budget friendly meal that is filling and tasty, then Govinda’s is for you. If however, you are looking for Gourmet dining and incredible flavour combinations, then I suggest looking elsewhere (and be prepared to pay Perth prices)! Cosy, friendly and relaxing, Govinda’s is a restaurant that I definitely recommend and would go back to if visiting Perth again.

So from Francis and myself, Bon Appetit! xxx

**Disclaimer** This review was written based on a visit that was made in 2015. Things change quickly in the world of hospitality and standards/prices may have increased or dropped since the time of writing. If you want a review based on visits made more recently, we suggest heading to Tripadvisor or Zomato.


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