How to activate your Amaysim

You’ve received your SIM card in the post and you’re ready to get started, so what next? Here is a step by step guide to activating your new Amaysim:



1) Undo the cardboard packaging and carefully pop out the SIM from the plastic card.



2) Put the SIM into the required handset (that has been unlocked)


3) Go to and click ACTIVATE



4) Choose “Activate a Mobile Plan or Data Plan”stage 1 of activating your oz sim


5) Choose a Plan (I chose “As You Go” for the moment)choosing your plan stage 2


6) Enter the details on the back of the packaging and chose a Data pack

Data only lasts for 30 days on the As you go plan and isn’t suitable for Northern Territories, according to their website.

activating new sim step 3


7) choose your mobile phone number

Here you have the option of picking a free number or choosing one that is more memorable for $30. I recommend writing it down.

choose a phone number step 4


8) Enter your details to set up your account

For contact number use the number you have just chosen. It will ask for an Address and it appears that the only address you can input in this field is an Australian one. If you have chosen the “As you go plan” there shouldn’t be any paperwork sent to the address, so I decided to use the address of the first hostel that I will be staying in.

your details amaysim step 5


9) Choose a payment method

For this I chose Prepaid and gave my details for my English debit card, as this is the card I will use to buy the first amount of credit. I believe you will be able to change the card details my logging into your account at a later date, if you wish to after setting up an Australian bank account

payment options amaysim step 6


10) Review your details and confirm

Your SIM will be activated and you will receive a confirmation e-mail

final stages amaysim step 7


I know this has been a short and sweet post but I hope it will be of use to fellow travellers. I know I find having step by step instructions (with pictures) usually helps me to save time with anything I’m not sure on.

Hannah x

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