How To Pick A Destination | Backpacking For Beginners #1

Before you head off on a magnificent adventure, you need to decide exactly where it is you want to explore.


It may be that you already know the first place you wish to tick off of your bucket list, but many travellers don’t know exactly where to go to, for their first trip away.

With so many countries and destinations it’s easy to feel like you have too many options.

How To Pick A Destination?

You could just throw a dart at a World map, although I do recommend doing a little more research than this, if you want to get the most out of your trip.

Think about things such as, what is it you really want to get out of the experience. If your only goal is to relax on some of the most beautiful, untouched beaches in the world then your destination will be extremely different to another backpacker who wants to immerse themselves in a bustling city, full of art and culture.

Take a few minutes to sit down and focus upon things you want to do, people or wildlife you would like to interact with and places you want to see. This will narrow it down somewhat.


When Are You Going?

The time of year you are travelling can make or break a trip. You may have a specific few months that you can take your adventure in and the weather around the world at that time of year, may vary greatly to that of your home country.

Be aware of when there are Monsoons, Typhoons/Hurricane seasons and Winter in countries you may think are hot all year round. Australia for example, does have a winter during the Northern Hemisphere’s Summer and I can genuinely tell you, it gets cold!

If you have a few places in mind, take a look at the weather and seasons for the time of year you will be travelling. You may be happy to visit Southeast Asia during the wet/rainy season but it would be such a shame to get there expecting beautiful blue skies and sunshine, to find exactly the opposite.

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Can You Get A Visa?

When you have a number of destinations in mind, have a look at the Visa situation. If you want to travel a specific length of time but can only get a Visa for a lesser period of time you may need to rethink your trip, or plan a slightly different route. When wanting to work whilst away, see if you are eligible for a Working Holiday Visa in that specific Country. These are all things that will affect that final decision.

Do You Speak My Language?

As a first time traveller, you may decide to play it on the safe side with your first trip away and this is fine. Perhaps you want to visit somewhere that speaks your mother tongue, as a first or second language. This can be reassuring and leave you feeling more comfortable, whilst you get into the swing of this backpacking lark. On the other hand, you may want to jump straight in the deep end and immerse yourself in a language and culture completely different to your own, and this is awesome too. There is no right or wrong way to travel, just do what feels right for you!

What Is Your Budget?

You will have a budget that you have carefully scrimped and saved for your upcoming trip. Make sure you know how much the basics like accommodation, food and public transport will cost you in the country you are thinking of visiting. Try to pick a destination that will allow your budget to go further and thus let you live the adventure that little bit longer.

I hope this has been helpful! Make sure you check out the rest of my Backpacking For Beginners series. It will literally take you step-by-step right up until your departure.

Take care & Happy Travels!

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