Social Media- I’m Now on Facebook!

So, after putting it off as long as possible (mainly because I wanted to build my content), I have branched out a little further in the Social Media sphere and made a Nomadic Unicorn page on Facebook. Hoorah!


It means that you will all have the opportunity to follow me on the ole book of face, which in all honesty, is probably the social media site I use most… ok, daily. I will be putting up travel related quotes of the day and uploading recent pictures etc. along with all sorts of other bits and bobs too.

If you enjoy reading my articles and want more, please head on over to my Facebook page here and also make sure you go over to Youtube and check out my channel there. I’ve just started doing a series of videos on our West Coast Roadtrip and the first 3 are up already!

If you like what I’m doing, please help a gal out, like my page on Facebook and subscribe to my channel on Youtube. It will help me to reach a bigger audience and gain more ideas and insight into what everyone wants to read about, or watch videos on. I can’t help you guys out and focus my creative juices on important topics for you, unless I know what is most important to you!

I would love it for people to leave comments on my blog here, on Facebook or Youtube as it means I can do one of the things I set out to in all of this, and give tips, advice and reassurance to those of you who are thinking about setting out on your own adventures.

So hit me up on social media guys! Look forward to chatting with you soon 🙂

Han xx



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Creative unicorn ninja; Travel vlogger/blogger. Green tea enthusiast and lover of dance and art. Currently be found back in England planning the next adventure! Southeast Asia Odyssey coming very soon!

Where I can be found: UK

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