My packing list for Australia

Packing for a working holiday in Australia….the very thought has made many a backpacker quiver in trepidation.

What should I take? How can I pack everything I need for a year…in this tiny bag? How do I travel light?

These were just some of the questions going around in my brain when I turned my focus to packing.

I’ll be honest, I have known all along that this could be one of the greatest challenges I will face on my travels! When I told my friends that I was off backpacking in Australia the most common response was along the lines of “You? Backpacking? They don’t make backpacks big enough!”

I am a serial “over-packer” and I like to be prepared dammit, for any eventuality! This has come in useful many a time when my extensive pharmacy, or some random item has been needed by myself or a friend…Plaster? uh huh. Sweatband? Yes. Glowsticks? Why of course! However, when needing to move around as easily, comfortably and as cheaply as possible…my habit of carrying everything (including the kitchen sink) will, I fear, be my downfall.

My French wifey and I trying to shut our shared suitcase on a 4 DAY trip to Rome!!

It’s not that I’m even high maintenance, although I do like to try and look my best as often as possible and I admit I will have a few luxuries that will be coming with me. Its more over thinking and feeling like I must be prepared for any situation. I think I would have made a great girl scout (not that I even got to be a brownie; cue the violins). I like to take things “just in case”. You know, I may not have worn this jumper in the last 4 years but I’ll take it JUST IN CASE it gets chilly. A word to the wise, if you haven’t worn it within the last 4 months (weather and occasion dependant) you aren’t going to wear it whilst you are away backpacking! I have learned this the hard way on previous holidays abroad.

In an effort to stop my shameful overpacking I have scoured blogs, forums, books…you name it…anything available, for tips on how to reduce the amount of unnecessary things I will be taking with me!

Geez, I even ended up creating a little packing mantra…

My mantra during the “just in case times” over this past month whilst trying to pack for Oz has been this little pearl of wisdom, given to me by a very lovely (and slightly sarcastic) friend:

“They do have shops in Australia.”

I have written packing lists, adjusted the lists, re-read the lists days later, changed the lists, before ripping up said lists and starting a new one. I have collected all the clothes I wanted to take and put them in my backpack, pulled things out, replaced them with something else altogether and then removed 4 other clothing items, only to put the original back in. I have squeezed, squished, measured and weighed and finally, I am proud to say….fanfare please…

this girl has done it!

I have my backpack ready to go, there is plenty of space left inside still and out of my 20KG checked luggage allowance I have used only 17KG!

Give this girl a cookie!

With all my bags at Heathrow Airport!
With all my things at Heathrow Airport. My checked in luggage is the big one!

So here for your pleasure is a list of everything in my checked in luggage:

  • pants x 10
  • socks x 5
  • 4 x sports bras
  • strapless, see through back bra
  • 1 x white non wired bra
  • 2 x Bikini’s
  • 1 x Sarong
  • 2 x microfibre towels
  • 1 x leggings
  • 2 x shorts for the day
  • 1 x shorts to sleep in
  • 3 x t-shirts (1 black, one white and one for the beach)
  • 4 x strappy tops (black, white, navy, and maroon)
  • 1 x long skirt
  • 1x sports 3/4 length trousers
  • 2 x lightweight jumpers
  • 1x black lightweight cardigan
  • 1x Rainmac
  • 1x red day dress (that could be used at night as well)
  • 1x long black dress (day or night)
  • 1 x little black dress!
  • 3x long strappy tops
  • 1x baggy hippy pants!
  • 2x cropped tops
  • 1 x pair black tights
  • 1x pair of skin coloured tights
  • 1x hat!
  • 1x pair of trainers
  • 2x pairs of flip-flops (one for the hostel showers and one for the day!)
  • 1x pair of little black flats

I also had what I was wearing to the airport….

Other items:

  • Go pro accessories
  • First aid Kit
  • Head torch
  • Travel washing line
  • Travel wash
  • Makeup
  • Hair bobbles, bobby pins and clips
  • Makeup
  • Hair Straighteners (yes…I know, but I had to!)
  • Personal hygiene products (deodorant, toothbrush, shampoo etc…)
  • Tampons!
  • Sketchbook and pencils

This is a fairly comprehensive list but I have probably missed something out! Why don’t you check out my YouTube video below for the full list and to have a sneak peek in my Backpack!

Seeing as I am now a packing pro I am writing another post on my handy packing tips and tricks. If you are a member of the “I should take it just in case” club, please, I beg you… go and check it out here (coming soon)!

Happy Packing!

Han x


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