Why I Quit My Job To Go Travelling

Ever had one of those days?

It begins the minute you wake up to the dulcet tones of your mobile phone alarm screeching Dolly Parton’s 9-5 at you. You roll over and use any body part possible to make that noise stop; to delay the inevitable that it is time to drag your sorry self out bed and face yet another day in a job that you no longer enjoy.

sleep memeSooner or later you get up, wrap yourself in a dressing gown because it is so blooming’ cold still and drag yourself to the toilet and on to the kitchen. You “treat” yourself to a coffee and a cigarette and praise a God you don’t believe in for legal stimulants. Not that I condone the use of stimulants (legal or otherwise; I work(ed) in healthcare so please be aware I am very much a do as I say not as I do person…we all are!) but there is a time and place for them and just before a night shift is one that I feel is fairly acceptable for me personally.

After your “treat” you may find food, or just grab something to hand that you can take with you for when the 3am hunger pangs kick in. You shower in a rush, locate clean uniform and make sure you have your arsenal of ID badges and pens with you before heading out the door, for what you fear will be a long night.

Upon arrival at work you find that you have more patients on the ward than there should be at a weekend…. and the best part? You are the only Healthcare Assistant for 31 patients and they have no one else they can send to help you.

We’ve all had those days that go from bad to worse. I realise that my day in question was based in a hospital work environment, which will be different from many of you reading this but I’m sure you can relate to similar days in your own workplace. This shift for me was the last straw, the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak; I left my night-shift crying from stress, got a taxi home and had a beer for breakfast (I rarely drink). It was whilst drinking the aforementioned cold beverage at 08.30am that I had an epiphany…….


I made the decision there and then that I would be handing my notice in and that’s exactly what I did. I had no idea what I would do for work, or where I would find a job, or even if I would find one. All I knew was that the staffing levels at work were providing me with far more stress than I needed and I wasn’t happy, despite working with some great people. It was time to follow my intuition, let go and live in the here and now.

life is short pic
found in various places on the internet so not sure who to credit this one to

It was at 3am one morning after seeing the above picture through a friend on Facebook that I made a decision about where I was headed next.

“Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself”.

I’ve always wanted to travel but it has never been the right time, I couldn’t because of work, my rent, lack of funds….because i would miss out on the canary’s birthday (ok, not this one but you get the point). There has always been a reason not to travel, I am sad to say that I have been brainwashed into societies paradigm of “what is expected of you in your mid 20’s” and I had fallen for it, hook, line and sinker. I was left feeling rubbish about myself because I lack a university degree, am single and have had to move back in with my parents. Handing my notice in has given me that space, that opportunity to take flight and start to really experience the world, explore my surroundings and learn what really makes me tick as a person.

I have been lucky in as much as I have a good friend who is currently on a working/travel visa in Australia who is taking a break from her job here in the UK. I got in contact and told her that I was thinking of coming out to see her (thankfully she seemed pleased at this idea), so I am going to travel out there to join her in about 6 weeks time, so we can enjoy this journey together. Its taken me only two weeks to arrange a visa, flights, first week of accommodation and a few other things.

To say that my family were a little surprised that I had applied for a visa is I think an understatement, as there had not really been any prior discussion about this all, mainly because it had not even entered my mind. Interestingly, my work colleagues and friends have all had a very similar reaction of something along the lines of “Wow, good for you! I wish I could do that”. The thing is…they can, you can. It is only the barriers erected by ourselves and society that stop us from doing so. If you want something badly enough there is usually a way to get it, even if it means working solidly and saving for a while.

My favourite mug that was sent to me as a New Year’s present from my beautiful friend Clara, all the way from Barcelona. It’s almost as if she knew!


So now you know how I came to be jetting off to Australia in just over a month (eeeee!). I guess what I would like you to take away from this post is this:

– If you are having “one of those days” don’t ignore it. Your body/brain is giving you a sign that something isn’t quite right. I’m obviously not saying that everyone should just quit their job and leave the country, but what I would ask of you is to just sit back and look at your current situation. Are there things you aren’t happy with, that you have been putting off changing? Is there a frustration that you have just been letting build? Are you living or just existing, going through the drudgery of a 9-5 job because that is what is expected of you? Listen deep down to you (the real you), please, and follow your intuition and your heart. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not. Things won’t change by themselves, don’t wait; life is too short. Don’t leave it to the point that you are sitting in your doorway, smoking and crying into a pint of beer at 08.30am after a shift from hell; trust me it’s not a good look!

woman crying beer
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Hannah x

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