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10 ways to stay Mentally Healthy when travelling the World

Backpackers- looking for work in Australia

When you meet another backpacker in your hostel, after the initial getting to know each other’s names and where you are from/travelling to, the conversation usually turns to whether you are working, or if you are planning on doing so.

Travelling with your iPhone – how to unlock your mobile before you go


When going abroad travelling, or studying for any length of time you are probably going to want to keep in touch with other people, even if it is just incase of an emergency.

How to activate your Amaysim

You’ve received your SIM card in the post and you’re ready to get started, so what next? Here is a step by step guide to activating your new Amaysim:

Hostel or Notsel?

Where should I stay when backpacking?

In days gone by, this was not too much of a quandry for backpackers around the globe. Budget travel needs, by definition, budget accommodation and up until the last decade the main types of accommodation favoured by many backpackers have been campsites, caravans/campervans and of course, good old youth hostels.