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Tips For Booking Flights | Backpacking For Beginners #3

Top tips for booking flights, giving you the best deal and peace of mind!

How much money do I need, to Backpack Australia?

One question I get asked by friends and family all of the time is, “Is it expensive to live in Australia?”

10 travel gadgets & accessories for backpackers

Backpackers- looking for work in Australia

When you meet another backpacker in your hostel, after the initial getting to know each other’s names and where you are from/travelling to, the conversation usually turns to whether you are working, or if you are planning on doing so.

How to set up an Australian Bank Account- a backpacker’s guide

Are you off travelling to the land down under?

Most likely you’ve been working your backside off before you go, trying to save as much as possible to put towards your awesome adventure. I certainly have. And you know what? When I work hard for my money the last thing I plan on doing is giving it away….