The Emperor’s Crown- possibly the best hostel in Perth

Hello friends,

I thought it was about time for me to do a review of the Hostel that I have been staying in for the last 17 weeks- The Emperor’s Crown in Perth WA.

I will try to make this as unbiased as possible, as some of you will know that I have also been working for accommodation here. In all honesty I would not have stayed here if I didn’t believe it was a good hostel and I certainly wouldn’t have spent my time, effort and lost sleep whilst working here, if I didn’t believe in the place, the staff, guests and general ethos. So with this in mind, let’s get started shall we!?

For a little guided tour of the place by yours truly, check out the video below:


I found the Emperor’s Crown which is at 85 Stirling Street, Perth by looking through countless reviews on Trip Advisor. Originally I had thought about staying at the sister hostel The Witch’s Hat but decided I wanted something just that little bit closer to the city. The beauty of this hostel is that it is close to all of the amenities, shops, bars, and restaurants that Northbridge has to offer but isn’t smack bang in the middle of the noise on a Friday and Saturday Night. There are two cafes either side of the hostel which is great for a coffee and muffin fix in the morning (yes I can just walk in there and be asked if I’m having my reg. mocha and blueberry muffin now by the staff!), a Mcdonalds just up the road for a late night snack (after a few bevvies) and a couple of supermarkets less than a 5 minute walk from the front door.

If it is culture you are after, all that stands between you and The Western Australia Museum, The Art Gallery of Western Australia and Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts is Beaufort Street- which is situated just behind the hostel. The Train Station is also just off from these.

How to Get to The Emperors Crown

You have 3 main options of how to get to the hostel from Perth’s Airport:

  • The easiest and cheapest way is to get the public bus no. 37 or 40 from the Domestic Terminal (there is a free shuttle bus between the International and Domestic). This is what I did personally when arriving in Perth and all it cost me to get into the city was $4.40 (£2.20). You need to get off the bus at St. Georges Terrace and walk up Barrack Street, which will probably take approximately 10 minutes. For more info check the Transperth website.

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  • The Perth Connect Shuttle. This also runs from the Domestic Terminal at the airport and costs between $15-$18 (£7.50-£9) to get into the city. You can pay on the shuttle and the stop is just round the back of the hostel on Beaufort Street at the Western Australia Museum.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 16.16.09

  • You can also get there by taxi, I’d recommend Swan Taxi’s and you can expect to pay approximately $30-$40 (£15-£20), it takes around 40 minutes depending on traffic.

The hostel has pretty much everything that you could ask for as a backpacker. A variety of rooms 6 & 4 bed mixed dorms, 4 bed female dorms and private rooms with either an en-suite bathroom or without. There is also a triple room with 1 double bed and a single bed (plus en-suite) and a double room with 2 x double beds (plus en-suite) if you have a group of people. There are shared bathrooms with private, lockable shower stalls which are always extremely clean (cleaned in the morning by a cleaning agency, not other backpackers). A kitchen for everyone to use, which is equipped with fridges, food storage pigeon holes allocated to each person, ovens, hobs, microwave, cooking utensils and free tea and coffee. When you want to relax you have the choice of 2 outdoor courtyards, the very comfortable black couches in the common area, or if the fancy takes you, you can pop upstairs to the TV room to watch the box or put on a movie. Laundry facilities at the hostel include washers, dryers, an iron and sinks to do hand-washing in. WiFi is completely free and unlimited for the duration of your stay. Admittedly it does get patchy at the busier times of day but you can always just pop to the library (by the museums) if this is a problem.

Why should I stay at The Emperor’s Crown?
German Night at The Emperor's Crown
German Night at The Emperor’s Crown

Because it’s awesome. I’d love to leave it at that, but I will explain further! Not only is it a clean and homely hostel, the staff that work here (in particular Adam the manger) really do want you to have a good stay. They can advise you on places to go in the area and give you hints and tips on how to enjoy your time in Perth. In essence, they care. The place always has a good vibe and the other guests that stay here are on the whole, pretty amazing people. If you take the time to throw yourself out of your comfort zone and get chatting with them, you may find yourself leaving Perth with some really great friends, that you otherwise would never have met. It’s like a little family, but it’s not cliquey. Newcomers are always welcomed into the group and become a part of the family very quickly. If you want to party 24/7, this may not be the place for you necessarily. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some crackin’ parties here but everyone is very respectful and the outside courtyards are closed by 10.30pm so that people can actually sleep. The party may well continue on to the wee hours in the common area, but due to the hostels’ layout it means that the people in bed will not generally be disturbed.

For more information on facilities and prices you can go to The Emperor’s Crown website here.

I am genuinely sad to be leaving my little home in Perth but it’s time for me to spread my wings and see more of what Australia has to offer me. I have had the most fabulous time at The Emperor’s Crown and made some really special friends. If you aren’t sure about booking, I urge you to watch the video above and try just one night and go from there. Sure, the place won’t be to everyone’s taste but the vast majority of the reviews I’ve read and heard first person have been very positive. It really is a “home away from home.”


To everyone involved in making my time at here so special, thank you… isn’t goodbye, it’s just “see you later.” Take care and much love.

**EDIT** THE HOSTEL IS NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT (The Manager has moved to Billabong Backpackers in Perth) . I have had reports from friends that sadly The Emperor’s Crown is not the place it once was. It no longer has free parking, and the hostel is a lot quieter and less atmospheric than before. By all means go and check it out for yourselves and feel free to leave a comment if you have stayed there recently. Places do change regularly, and it is hard to keep up to date. For the most up to date reviews I always suggest heading to either Tripadvisor, or Hostelworld.


Han xxx


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